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Therapists Therapist Near Me - Arianne Waschler
Arianne Waschler Potomac, MD
Adult, Anxiety, CBT
1 month licensed
(301) 337-5676
I’m glad we’ve found each other. My name is Arianne and I've been partnering with individuals for 12 years, navigating the challenges, celebrating the victories, and working towards the life each person hopes for themselves. When life becomes too much to handle, you might know what you need to do logically to make things better, but actually starting can feel scary. And when you're stuck in a loop of negative thoughts and bad habits, it's hard to shake off the guilt and move forward. You understand your struggles and story better than anyone else and I'm here to work alongside you to restore your calm. With specialized training in EMDR and CBT, I bring a wealth of experience and a range of therapeutic tools to our sessions, but it's the connection between us that truly fosters healing and growth. My own experiences with depression and anxiety, have taught me resilience, compassion, and the profound strength of the human spirit. I offer you a space of non-judgment, empathy, and authentic connection. If you're seeking a therapist who believes in the positive power of the mind, who listens deeply, and who is committed to seeing you thrive, I invite you to reach out. This can be the start of healing for your past, present, and future.
Therapists Therapists Near Me - Brett Sondag
Brett Sondag Sarasota, FL
Addiction, CBT, Adolescent
1 month licensed
(941) 677-3366
Brett Sondag, LMHC, received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (Counseling Practice) from Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL in 2017, and has received his LMHC license in early 2021. He has worked with substance abuse populations since 2014, and has developed an integrative model for substance use behaviors. Brett completed his graduate level training at Hartgrove Behavioral Health System in Chicago. During this time, he facilitated CBT education with acute inpatient groups, and practiced individual therapy in their outpatient clinic with children, adolescents and adults with mental health concerns. He enjoys utilizing CBT and ACT skills based approaches to help clients develop the self-efficacy to achieve behavioral wellness. While he also enjoys the use of Person-Centered and Psychodynamic approaches to help clients develop insight into their own thoughts and ways of being that contribute to their present stress. Brett moved to Sarasota in June 2018 when started with CRP. At the Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry, Brett conducts individual psychotherapy as well as helps to coordinate the adult mental health, adolescent mental health and substance abuse IOP programs. In conjunction, he assists psychiatric providers with mental health evaluations for clients seeking medication management and other therapeutic services.
Therapists Therapist Near Me - Mike Bellamy
Mike Bellamy Hackensack, NJ
Addiction, Grief, Adolescent
1 month licensed
(201) 488-5161
Mike Bellamy is skilled and empathetic psychotherapist, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker(LCSW) and Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor(LCADC), with a wide range of experience both in private practice and in 12 plus years as a therapist in the psychiatric out patient unit of the largest hospital in New Jersey. During his tenure with the hospital Mike treated almost all identifiable major diagnosis in age groups from 13 to 90. Mike has specialized training in addictions, gerontology and trauma. Mike believes that his clients have been his best professors in developing his compassionate strength based approach toward therapy and that all of his clients have the ability to heal themselves. But, he also sees that everyone needs help sometimes and that his job is to guide clients toward their personal goals, elicit their innate abilities and instill in them his steadfast belief in their possibility until that belief becomes their own. Before becoming a therapist Mike had a successful career in the corporate sector; but, he says that on 99 days out of a 100 he prefers the rewards of being a therapist.

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